Discovering the Best Italian Brunch in Chicago, IL

When it comes to Italian cuisine in Chicago, IL, there is no shortage of options. From classic pasta dishes to mouth-watering pizzas, the Windy City has it all. But what about brunch? Where can you find the best Italian brunch in Chicago?

The Rise of Italian Brunch

Brunch has become a staple in American culture, and Chicago is no exception. With its diverse population and rich culinary history, it's no surprise that Italian brunch has become a popular choice for locals and tourists alike. Italian brunch combines traditional breakfast dishes with the bold flavors of Italian cuisine.

It's the perfect fusion of sweet and savory, making it a favorite among foodies and brunch enthusiasts.

The Search for the Best Italian Brunch

As an expert in the Chicago food scene, I have scoured the city to find the best Italian brunch spots. After much research and taste-testing, I have narrowed down my top picks for the ultimate Italian brunch experience.


Eataly is a food lover's paradise, and their brunch menu does not disappoint. Located in the bustling River North neighborhood, this Italian marketplace offers a variety of brunch options that will satisfy any craving. Their panettone french toast is a must-try, made with their signature panettone bread and topped with fresh berries and whipped cream. For a savory option, their prosciutto eggs benedict is a crowd favorite. Eataly also offers a build-your-own mimosa bar, where you can choose from a variety of juices and mixers to create your perfect brunch cocktail.


Located in the heart of downtown Chicago, Quartino is known for its authentic Italian dishes and lively atmosphere.

Their brunch menu features classic Italian dishes with a modern twist. For a unique brunch experience, try their breakfast pizza, topped with eggs, pancetta, and fontina cheese. If you're in the mood for something sweet, their cannoli pancakes are a must-try. Quartino also offers a bottomless mimosa option for those looking to indulge in unlimited brunch cocktails.

3.Osteria Via Stato

Osteria Via Stato is a hidden gem in the River North neighborhood. This cozy Italian restaurant offers a brunch menu that changes weekly, featuring seasonal ingredients and traditional Italian flavors. Their lemon ricotta pancakes are a fan favorite, served with a side of house-made sausage. For a heartier option, try their carbonara eggs benedict, made with pancetta, pecorino cheese, and a poached egg. Osteria Via Stato also offers a bottomless bellini option, made with fresh peach puree and prosecco.

4.Sapori Trattoria

Sapori Trattoria is a charming Italian restaurant located in the Lincoln Park neighborhood.

Their brunch menu features classic Italian dishes with a focus on fresh, locally-sourced ingredients. Their crespelle, or Italian-style crepes, are a must-try. Choose from sweet or savory options, such as the nutella and banana or prosciutto and fontina. For a heartier option, try their polenta and eggs, made with creamy polenta, poached eggs, and a tomato-basil sauce. Sapori Trattoria also offers a build-your-own bloody mary bar, where you can customize your drink with a variety of toppings and garnishes.

The Verdict

After trying out these top Italian brunch spots in Chicago, it's safe to say that each one offers a unique and delicious experience. Whether you're in the mood for sweet or savory, traditional or modern, there is an Italian brunch spot in Chicago that will satisfy your cravings. So next time you're in the Windy City, be sure to check out one of these top picks for the best Italian brunch in Chicago, IL.

Buon appetito!.